The culotte pants are a curious garment. Half skirt, half pant, it’s neither one nor the other. But they are modest and practical. It increases mobility based on its shape. They are comfortable and versatile- definitely, the perfect summer staple to combat the sweaty months. They have a long history and have gone through several changes throughout the years. Over the last period, these pants have become one of the coolest trends ever.

These pants are a high fashion item that has a healthy dose of history to them. The culotte pants became a garment for females from Victorian times and became a necessity for active women who wanted to ride horses and ride bikes.

But with time, women’s culotte pants underwent a series of experimentation and make-overs to finally come up with styles, designs, and prints that suit a modern woman’s specific needs.

These pants can be worn both as a formal and casual garment, depending on the occasion and how well one can carry it off. They have made it to the high street fashion big-time in recent years.

Summer is the season to flaunt comfortable and fashionable trends, culotte pants have become a favorite among many stylish women. These are best for wearing in colleges, offices, and semi-formal dressing events. You can always team these pants up with crop tops, tank tops, and smocking tops.

Types of culotte pants online and in fashion

Pleated culotte pants: Ditch your regular pants as office wear and choose pleated pants instead. Pair with white tops which gives a stylish as well as elegant look. Go for pumps or flat ballerinas with them.

Straight culottes: If you are tall and straight up and down, you can welcome straight ankle-length culottes to your life without a second thought. This type is very stylish and versatile with a wide range of color options.

Sheer culottes: This is not for the faint of hearts. These pairs of trousers cover just the right amount of your li9mbs, made of lace or see-through materials, reveals just the right amount of skin.

Floral: Best to team up with ethnic wear, gives a great indo-western look, pair them up with solid colored tops with flats or heels.

Solid black culotte pants: These give an elegant look, best paired with cropped tops or you can balance the wide silhouettes with tucked in form-fitting tops.

How to wear the culotte pants Trend

If you think culotte pants are only suitable for models then you are highly mistaken. There are several ways to wear these inviting pants with trends. These wide-legged voluminous ankle-length pants might not look too easy to pull off, they’re a perfect pair waiting to be the perfect addition to your closet. No matter how your body structure is, whether you are tall, petite, skinny, curvy or plus-sized or straight, these bottoms will look breath-taking on you if you know how to wear them properly.

Firstly, treat these alluring pants like skirts, if you have a problem deciding on what tops to pair up with your favorite pants, the best solution is to figure out what you would have worn with an A-line skirt. Try it with the most basic tops like crop tops, tank tops, and off-shoulder tops to complement your new look. Compliment your basic outfit with pretty and classy accessories like structured handbag, sunglasses, classy pumps, and eye-catching jewelry.

If you are wondering about the best length for culotte pants, it would be a mid-calf length culotte, but if you have a petite figure then it should fall right below the knees. You can always have fun with the proportions and volume of the culotte pants. Since most of the culottes are high waisted they are best paired with crop tops, or long length tops tucked into your trousers, to avoid a baggy look.

Culotte pants for different occasions

If you are trying to create a stunning office look, wear a white blouse with your lovely black culotte pants. The results are the best for workplaces and formal meetings.

The next best way to wear your favorite pants is to color-coordinate your trousers, making sure the colors work in harmony.

Always go for classic colors like black, white, and navy blue, once you are confident in these colors, experiment with pastels.

For a perfect office, look to try a blush-colored suit featuring a tailored blazer, top or blouse tucked in matching colored culotte pants completed with black heeled sandals. Update this lovely look with beautiful jewelry like pearl earring or gold cuffs.

Going for a casual outing? Go for a layered look. Complete your outfit by throwing in a stylish outwear such as a blazar, a fur jacket, or a knitted cardigan. Keep this heavy outerwear garment opened to underline your perfect waistline.

Try on your culotte pants with statement shoes to go for a chic look, pair them up with classy pumps, sandals, boots, or wedges.

Get the best pair of culotte pants online for your body type and complexion

If you have a petite structure: Buy straight culotte pants and elongate your legs, don’t forget to pair it up with high heels that are thin to medium width. The best colors suited for you are nude or natural colors. If you are comfortable showing some skin, buy a crop top online to pair up with your culotte. Not comfortable with crop tops? No problem just stick with form-fitting tops.

If you are tall

Go for pleated or sheer culottes, and throw in some slides if you’re trying to keep a super casual look. Play with patterns, because there is a bit more distance between your culottes and shoes, so you feel free to play with some fun shoe patterns. If you are going for solid colored pants you can also go a bit crazy and add pom poms or tassels into the mix.

If you have a curvy body

Culotte pants are very flattering for a curvy body as they have no constrictions, they lay over your natural curves. They accentuate your waist, the high waisted fit and tie details to create a natural break between the top and bottom curves. Make sure to keep things tighter at the top so that you don’t get overwhelmed with fabric. For the perfect hourglass shape pair, up to your flowy pants with form-fitting crop tops and wedges.

What are you waiting for? Add the perfect pair of culotte pants on your next shopping list.