Cigarette Pants

Cigarette Pants

Cigarette pants, which were first made popular in the 1950s by the famous Hollywood celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, are the latest trend this season. They are also known as pencil pants, stovepipe pants or slim-fit pants.

These are narrow, slim fit pants that end an inch or two above the ankles. Unlike other trousers or jeans, they end in a square opening near the foot. Cigarette Pants are loved for their tailored fit and their unique cut and length. They are also extremely comfortable as they do not have a tapered hem and fit cozily around the legs, which makes them look very crisp.

These trousers could be styled as formal wear for offices, casual for parties and even for a night out. These are the easiest things to pull off if one knows how to go about it. Paired well with any type of shirts or tops based on the use.

These Cigarette pants can go with absolutely everything, but they can also be a bit tricky to style at first because of their cropped length.

These days there are a variety of cigarette pants available online in a variety of fabrics and colours. Here a few styles which are popular and trendy among today’s youth.

Types of Cigarette Pants

Silk Cigarette Pants: These cigarette pants are made from art silk fabrics and they run till the ankle. This gives a more traditional look; these cigarette pants are usually plain and give a traditional look but for festive seasons.

Cotton Cigarette Pants: These types of pants are made from cotton fabrics and have the same length. This type of cigarette pants gives a more casual and comfortable feel. These types of pants can either be plain or can have embroidery work over it.

Lycra Cigarette Pants: These are made from lycra fabrics, these pants have a more modern and trendier look these pants can also have a plain look or it can be part of a designer collection.

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Opt For Form-fitting Online Cigarette Pants

Cigarette pants are meant to be relatively tight. So, get a pair that clings comfortably over your lower-body. The stand-out feature of this pant is its bottom hem area, so make sure you get a pair with the correct length.

Try out cigarette pants with bold details if you are tall: Go for a pair of pants that have a subtle cuff at the bottom hem, maybe an embroidered patch near the front pockets or back pockets. The fit of cigarette pants complements a tall figure and allows you to get away with a bolder style statement.

Go for vertical elements if you’re petite: Vertical elements give volume and elongate your legs, also make sure to get form-fitting front pleated pants.

Get a stretchy cigarette pant if you have a curvy body: Find a cigarette pant made out of stretchy material like spandex. This material helps you complement your beautiful curves.

Categorize your cigarette pants according to your occasion

Opt for cigarette pants with neutral colour options and classic styles: It’s best to debut cigarette pants in neutral colour ranges like blacks, whites and navy blues for formal meetings. Go for trouser-style cigarette pants for a formal and sophisticated look at your workplace.

Go with comfortable styles and vibrant colours for casual looks. They are comfortable and easy to wear. Go ahead and experiment with different eye-catching colours and patterns.

Experiment with sleek and body styles: For a classic black sleek look for a girl’s night out. Explore different material options, like leather and spandex to create an edgy vibe.

Find the best way to accessorise your cigarette pants

The office-look 

Wear a long-sleeved button-up shirt with your pants: Long-sleeve button-up shirts add an instant class that is most suitable for the workplace. Consider wearing a solid black or tan cigarette pant with solid colours. Pair up your elegant cigarette pants with ballet flats and silk tops for a chic look. Add a fitted blazer to pull the look together. Make sure to go light on jewellery, contrast your clothing with light jewellery to get a sophisticated, stylish look.

The casual look

Put on a slightly oversized shirt or a graphic tee: The best way to dress down a cigarette pant is to go with a comfortable top. Wear your black cigarette pants with colourful graphic tees. Wear canvas shoes to give this look a relaxed vibe, combining laid-back cigarette pants with converses gives it a stylish look. Add a sporty look with a bomber jacket with a khaki cigarette pant.

The party-look

Put on a solid coloured crop top with your cigarette pants when you go for a night-out, If you are feeling bold, consider incorporating vibrant coloured tops with your solid black cigarette pants. Rock this look with an open-toe high heel, fancy heels can be a focal point of the outfit, as these pants are a little shorter than all other styles. Finally, choose eye-catching jewellery to make a statement, stick to one piece of statement jewellery per outfit to make the perfect impact. This can give an over the top look, which is best when you plan an outing to enjoy the nightlife.

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If you are a girl who loves to wear Kurtis only on a daily basis, then cigarette pants are the best to compliment your look. You can easily jazz up your Kurtis by wearing it with khaki coloured or black coloured cigarette pants. For an indo-western look wear Kurtis with a solid coloured cigarette.

Cigarette pants are like churidars without the churi. They are highly trending these days and are also light-weighted making them suitable for all weather. You can pair up your cigarette pants with a trendy tail cut Kurti or flared Kurtis.

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