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Flare Dress has a long history. This fashion started in the late 1950s after the fabric ration was removed. Christian Dior has created the New Look Collection design during the 1950s that made women look and feel fabulous. One of the most iconic pieces in the collection was the “Bar Suit” with a soft tailored jacket, a fitted waist, and peplum worn with a wide skirt using a lot of material.

However, this key look was here to stay and dresses were designed with the same silhouette, with fitted bodices and wide skirts and now named Fit and Flare Dress. This shape is familiar to us and still wear today as they are a perfect summer dress, great for weddings and proms primarily because they are so flattering. A nipped-in waist at our thinnest part, full skirts worn over our widest part creates an hourglass effect that women all over the world simply love.

These look great on everyone, and will never go out of fashion. This iconic style is fitted through the bodice, flaring out right below the hip. It creates a slimming, balanced silhouette while highlighting the good and hiding everything else.
New Fashionable Flare Dresses for Women Online:
Try these most trendy flares dresses suitable for every occasion

Floral: These dresses are generally made from crepe fabric and the base color is topped with beautiful floral prints available in various bright colors. This look is suitable for casual outings and for all body types.
Tie-back: These flare dresses have a gorgeous pattern on the backside, with a stunning neckline. The back design gives a pure feminine look suitable for all special occasions.
Lusty: Flare dresses with the special neck cut on the front, and transparent fabric attached on the shoulder and sleeve region gives it a perfectly chic look, pair it up with stilettos to make it the perfect outfit for a night out.
Striped: A flare cocktail dress with a striped pattern gives you a sparkling and bright look, it is the best summer outfit.
Off-shoulder flare dress: With a hint of Bohemian about it, these are highly in trend and are one of the hottest looks this season. Join the trend!
Dotted flare dress: These dresses contain polka dots, generally short in length, and with full-sized sleeves give it a soothing look. The material of the dress is soft and smooth that makes it comfortable to wear every season.
Belted: The belted flare dress gives you a sleek look, embrace your curves, and waistline this season!

Buy Flare Dresses Best Suited for Your Body Type
The balanced proportion of the dress makes it suitable for almost every body type. Women with apple body type find that the dresses create a defined waistline, whereas Athletic shape women love the extra curve added by this dress. And since the flare dress resembles an hourglass on the hanger it is obvious to be perfect for hourglass shapes.

When it comes to choosing dresses online, women most often gravitate towards flare dresses. The shape of the dress seems to flatter the slimmest body parts and camouflage the worst. A flared dress gives a feminine yet classy look making it suitable for just any occasion. The comfortable fabric used makes it suitable for a perfect summer outfit.

As easy as it may seem, finding the perfect flare dress for your body type can be a challenging job. With a wide range of fabric, length, waist placement, and flare size, it can be really confusing to pick the right choice to get a flattering look. Follow these tips to find the perfect match for you!

Fabrication: Flimsy fabrics can do more harm than good, particularly if you have a curvy body. Make sure to pick the perfect fabric suited for your body type to compliment your look.
Length: Make sure to choose the perfect length of your flare dress according to your body type. With a curvy body make sure not to go for a short length flare dress. Look for dresses that are right above the knees for a universally flattering look.
Sweep: The sweep of the skirt or the dress refers to the circumference measurement. The larger the sweep the bigger the flare. In this case, bigger is not always better. In fact, too much sweep can make some women look shorter and wider. Be careful of large sweeping them if you have a petite figure.
Waist Placement: Waist placement is another issue to pay attention to. If the waist placement is too high it can give an overly bulky look, however, a waistline just above the waist is a sweet spot because it can make even the thickest women look slim. Another optimal waist placement of a flare dress is slightly below the natural waist as it adds extra length that can lengthen the torso, and give a long and leaner look.
Neckline: Lastly, the neckline. A halter neck strongly emphasizes a narrow top half and lower half, whereas a wider neckline like a boat neck broadens the shoulder and creates a more proportional body balance. Buy flare dresses to camouflage large hips and thighs and give volume to your lean parts.

Buy Flare Dresses Online
As the name describes the flare dress nips in at the midsection and flounces out on the bottom half. The dress works for every woman of every body type. The reason being that it is never out of style and it highlights the best features. It is available from petite to plus sizes, in solids and prints, and for reasonable prices. Though the flare dresses might be described as curve-hugging which makes it seem inappropriate for workplaces. But having options like a long sleeve and solid black skater dresses make it work appropriate for even the most conservative office, but do make sure to watch out for the skirt length and sizing. 

Ready to rock your best body all summer long? Shop the best range of cotton fit n flare dresses from our huge collection.