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Bodycon dresses have been a fashion preserved for decades. These were introduced to the fashion world in the early 1990s. The name “bodycon” refers to “body conscious”. In the world of fashion trends come and go. There are a few classic styles that you keep preserved in your closet, whereas there are some others that are short-lived and come back with a new twist. These were one of those classics that became extremely popular in the 1990s and the trend has become evergreen. These are crafted from stretchy materials that are meant to be tight-fitting and form-fitting. An all-time favorite and flattering for every body type is mostly worn as a statement piece. 

However, it is time to break the monotony and give them a modern and casual look. These dresses were designed to show off a woman’s figure. The fabrics are thin body-hugging materials that easily stretch a female’s silhouette.

Confidence is the most important rule that needs to be followed when deciding to wear a bodycon dress.
Consider Your Body Type to Choose the Perfect Dress
Apple-shaped body: These women tend to have a broader shoulder and waistline. The best tip to look astounding with this figure is to choose a bodycon dress that highlights the legs. A shorter dress or a dress with a slit are the styles to try.

Pear-shaped: The opposite of apple-shaped, a pear-shaped woman has a broader hip area. Balance out the look, choose a dress that has patterns on the top. Or add and add a piece of overclothe.

Straight: Women having the same width of shoulders and hips fall in this category. The dress choice for this category should highlight the hips and shoulders. Dresses with ruffles or large patterns are best suited for a straight woman.

Hourglass shape: It’s fair to say that the bodycon dress was designed with this shape in mind. A cinched waist with hips and shoulders equal is how we can describe an hourglass shape. Dresses with belts and plunging v necks are best suited for this shape.
Top Trend Bodycon Dresses for Women
Long sleeve bodycon dresses: Embrace our high neck range with long sleeves for bold office strutting. Slip into these dresses for a body beautiful brunch or luncheon.

Short sleeve bodycon dress: The essential short sleeve bodycon dress is going to be your new favorite wardrobe addition. The soft and stretchy fabric makes it suitable for a casual and comfortable outing.

Floral: A floral bodycon dress is a must-have. If you are looking for a conservative way to rock this summer for special occasions. Pair up your floral dress with neutral sandals or stilettos. Or you could pick a white bodycon dress with solid-colored shoes. Another edgy idea is to pair it up with black accessories.

Striped: Go for a casual and cool look with a striped bodycon dress topped with a crew-neck sweater. Compliment this look with black or white high-top sneakers.

Ruffled: Ruffles grace the top of these dresses. They give an elegant as well as the chic vibe. This dress is guaranteed to turn heads at your next night out. Make sure to pair these up with skyscraper heels and long dangly earrings.

Off-shoulder: Off-shoulder dresses can be at the top of the list, owing to its versatility. Finish your look with ankle-length boots or let the sleeves provide a natural balance for rompers.

Cold shoulder: These should be at the top of your must-have list. Wear these with strappy heels and a box clutch. Cold shoulder bodycon dresses with mesh frill detailing to the shoulders can emphasize your look.
Buy Plus Size Bodycon Dresses Online
There are no size restrains when it comes to wearing a bodycon dress. These have empowered a woman to embrace their femininity with confidence. But a few tips should be followed when you buy them online.

Prints: Printed fabrics help hide curves. Just make sure the prints are not large or it might make you look heavier.

Belts: A wide belt creates a slimmer waistline. It covers the protruding tummy by distracting the eye away.

Fabrics: Choose heavier fabrics, sheer fabrics can be too revealing.

Sizes: Make sure to choose the correct plus size. Trying to squeeze into a
smaller size won’t help with your look.

Colour: A solid dark-colored or black bodycon dress can make you look chic and slim. Embrace those curves and rock in your bodycon dresses this season.
How to Pair Them Up?
A cheap bodycon dress in a solid color is something that every girl has possibly stocked up in their wardrobes. Here are some classy ways to accessories them.

Wear them with a graphic T-shirt: Match the graphics of your T-shirt with the color of your dress. The simplest trick is to tuck in the shirt underneath the dress. The graphics of the t-shirt shows through the best part of the dress that is the neckline. The messier the top more will the bottom half of the dress be complimented. You can even use a belt to cinch the waist.
Accessorizing the bodycon dress in the right way:
Pair up the bodycon dress with casual accessories. Pairing it up with sneakers and a casual bag instead of a formal bag or layering it up with fun and quirky jewelry can take a party look to a casual day look. Make sure to keep the make-up to the minimal.
Top them with jackets:
Whether it’s summer or winter, you can always find a jacket that suits the weather or season. Layer a jacket to get a chic-casual look. You can also layer up your dress with a complimentary shirt. Mix and match different patterns and colors and prints on your dress to get a completely new look. 

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. This season finds your perfect fit with a wide range of bodycon dresses online.