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Head-Turning and Stylish Dresses Online
Irrespective of your age, whether you are 15 or 40, one thing that every woman will agree with is that dresses are an essential part of the wardrobe. The way you dress and the thought you put behind your appearance say a lot about the type of person you are. Being able to differentiate between what is appropriate and what is not requires an impeccable taste and a keen interest.

Dresses have a unique appeal that can not be recreated by other outfits. We have curated a large collection of both contemporary and ethnic dresses online to suit all styles and aesthetics. If you are looking for the latest range of dresses for women like sheath dresses, cocktail dresses, maxi dresses or a wide variety of fancy party dresses online then look no further.

Whether there is a reception party or a formal office get-together, choose your pick from our collection of dresses for women. Our varied collections offer you dresses of different makes and take in all color shades ranging from an elegant black dress to more colorful options like red, blue, yellow, green, white dresses. They are also available in the number of different fabrics such as silk, lace, cotton, chiffon and denim.

Types of Dresses
There are different dresses for every occasion and season. Having the perfect dress for the occasion helps you stand out and make a style statement. So every woman should have a couple of dresses for various occasions. Whether you are going brunch with the girls or a lux cocktail party we have lined a wide variety of branded dresses for all tastes. Here is a list of the various dresses suitable for various occasions and body types. You can buy affordable women’s dresses online.

Bodycon dresses: An all-time favourite that hugs your figure and highlights your features. These dresses are generally made from stretchy materials making it suitable for all purposes. Bodycon dresses are mostly worn as a style statement, with minimum pieces of accessories. But we at POPWINGS are here to change the monotony associated with bodycon dresses and broaden your minds. Here are some of the ways in which you can give the body-con dress a casual twist.

Wear it with a jacket: Layer your bodycon dress with a jacket to turn your night look into a chic-casual look. Accessorize it in the right way: Pair it up with accessories that have a more casual outlook. Use your dress up with sneakers and casual bags. Flatter your beautiful curves and show off that ideal hourglass figure.

Flare dresses: Fitted through the waist and flared out at or below the hips.

Flare dresses are flattering because they mimic an hourglass shape, even if the woman wearing them has a different body type. The cinched waist and the flared skirt define the lower curvy body. This style of dress highlights both a feminine and fuller silhouette beautifully.

From Beyonce to Taylor Swift, celebrities have also opted for the flared dresses for ages. It has stayed for ages, regardless of the changing seasons and changing trends. Flared dresses are suitable for all body types whether you are short, tall, have a curvy body, or a straight figure. If you don’t have a flared dress in your wardrobe already it is definitely time to invest in it.

Go ahead and grab a beautiful flared dress online.

Skater dresses: Slay in every way possible in a skater dress. This dress can be worn on many different occasions in diverse and contrasting ways so that you get a new look every time. You can style your dress in numerous ways according to what is best suited for you. The new trend is to accessorize the dress with bohemian jewelry, you can also wear sneakers with your skater dress and give it an astounding casual look. The astonishing black skater dress can do wonders and is quintessential for a party.

Pair it up with a choker and heels to make people stare in awe when you enter the party. Make it the best party dress.

Want to go for a more formal look? Your impeccable black and white dresses are worthy of setting standards at a formal office meeting. You can also go for a casual look with a single colored high neck skater dress. Treat yourself with a flattering skater dress!

Apart from these types of dresses, there are other categories as well
A-line dress: These types of dresses follow the A-line silhouette, that is they are flowy from the shoulders. It is perfect for a pear-shaped body.

Mini dress: This dress is ideal for anyone who wants to give emphasis on their legs and make the world stop. If you have it, flaunt it!

Maxi dress: This style is best suited for casual settings. Pair it up with sandals and the perfect jewelry making everyone wish that they were as stylish and comfy as you!

Midi dress: These are categorized intermediately between a maxi dress and a mini dress.

Off-shoulder dress: These dresses showcase your shoulders, maintaining a sleeve on the biceps.

Denim dress: Not in the mood to slip into those tight jeans? Just slip into a denim dress. This casual effortless style is suitable for many occasions.

Wrap-up dress: This style has a classic silhouette perfect for athletic body shapes.

Day dresses: Catch those rays! This garment is best worn in the summer month. These are soft, light and feminine.

Workday staples: Go for the perfect combination of professional and chic. Discover the chic sophistication of our work and business dresses for women.

Buy dresses online at POPWINGS from our comfortable to a versatile line of women’s dresses to step up your style game.

It’s time for you to update your dress collection. This year all about the fun fabrics, statement sleeves. Loud pops of colour, versatile designs and edgy silhouettes will keep your ensembles funky and fresh, and they give you the best blend of day-to-night options. So next time you go on a shopping spree, keep these trends in mind. Types of dresses that all women should own to keep up with the trend.

Denim bodycon dresses: Check out our denim bodycon dress selection for the best and unique, handmade pieces.

Cocktail Skater Dresses: Dance the night out with an elegant and sophisticated skater dress.

Find your best fit from the ladies’ dress online shopping collection
Figure-hugging and form-fitting dresses should always be at the top of your list. You will be able to accentuate those beautiful curves and follow our body line. Just make sure that the dress sits well. Choose proper necklines depending upon the occasion, narrow necklines keep your look balanced whereas a low neckline naturally plays up your best features.

Choose What is Best for Your Complexion and Body-Type!
We all have different figures and skin tones. Every lady should be able to step out with confidence. We have explored how all women of different shapes and complexions can dazzle in the perfect garment. Not only have we lined up a range of designer dresses but also have plus size dresses.

Cool skin tones are best decked with colors like sapphire, deep purple and emerald whereas warm skin tones are best complemented with colors like coral, teal, pastel.

The goal of an hourglass woman: To show off your waist and flaunt your curvy outlines, look best in bodycon and wrap-up dresses.

The goal of a pear woman: To emphasize on the upper body and create a balanced frame to show off their waistline, strapless and A-line dresses are best suited.

The goal of an apple woman: To minimize the mid-section and accentuate on the shoulders and legs. Best suited for A-lines and flared dresses.

The goal of a rectangle woman: To emphasize the thinnest parts of the waist to give the illusion of curves. Cold shoulder dresses and skater dresses are best suited.